Winter 2016 Show + Sale Artists

Here are a few of the almost 200 artists showing and selling their work at the Winter 2016 Show + Sale.

Zonglu Zhu – Painting


Tyler Wong – Visual Communications Design


Theodora van Duin – Photography

My aim as a photographer is to share narratives and reflect upon the world in a positive manner. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and those who inhabit such. My […]

Teegan Milton – First Year

As an artist, nothing is more serious than my practice in the arts ever seeking to improve and grow. Art to me is to “comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”, speaking about things that […]

Taygan Crapo – Glass

Having moved every two and half years growing up around Canada and a short time in Europe, I was exposed to and developed a love of art at a young age. I’m attending the Alberta College of Art […]

Sophia Lengle – First Year

Sophia Lengle is an Edmonton born artist. She is pleased to be involved in this Show + Sale and is currently enjoying life as a first-year design student at ACAD. Sophia began showing her work at age […]