Winter 2016 Show + Sale Artists

Here are a few of the almost 200 artists showing and selling their work at the Winter 2016 Show + Sale.

Randy Kaltenbach – Glass

My artistic practice centres on light and glass. I am interested in reflected light, transmitted light, refracted light, and shadows. The glass may be clear or any of a wide palette of colours however I […]

Rael Lockwood – Fibre

Rael Lockwood is an impassioned young textile artist and designer with a diverse and robust skill set. Her free-flowing and organic designs are undoubtedly inspired by traditional Japanese textiles, but with undertones denoting her western […]

Peter Sloan – Masters Studies

Peter Sloan graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1979 with honours and then a 5th year assistantship in the foundry. In 2012 he received a BFA at Nipissing University and recently completed one […]

Peizhe Xu – Visual Communications Design


Paityn Wheeler-Savoie – Undeclared


Olga Barinova – Visual Communications Design

Local illustrator Olga Barinova is a fourth year student at Alberta College of Art and Design. She’s majoring in Illustration.

She enjoys working in traditional medium but is also learning to work digitally. She likes to […]