Winter 2016 Show + Sale Artists

Here are a few of the almost 200 artists showing and selling their work at the Winter 2016 Show + Sale.

Sheyenne Smith – Visual Communications Design

Animals have been a point of interest for me for a long time, and they’re one of my favourite subjects to illustrate. Strict realism isn’t my goal but the natural world is a very important thing for […]

Selina Martineau – First Year

My name is Selina Martineau and I’m a First Year Studies student at ACAD. I work in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, and photography. Most of my work consists of colourful portraits and […]

Savana Cormack – Painting

I am a young emerging artist interested in creating pieces that emotionally impacts or engages my viewers. Driven by intuition, all my artistic choices and worldly decisions are based on experience and feeling. Although my […]

Rob Froese – Ceramics

In my ceramic practice, I make cups, plates, vases, and ambiguous forms meant for use and contemplation – sculptural objects that carry the feeling of something found in the woods or on the beach, marked […]

Reyne Poltavskaya – First Year

My work though lighthearted and often portraying charming character has somber connotations. I work to stir conversation, for the viewers to weave their own story on the pretext of a piece. Many of my paintings […]

Rebeca Teixeira – Painting

I have spent most of my life moving and I have always been interested in discovering new spaces. My interest in validating forgotten spaces came when I discovered the lost objects within them.  Re-telling their stories […]