Poster Boards

AUArts SA hosts several poster boards on the AUArts campus. If you would like to post information on these boards you must have your poster stamped at the AUArts SA office. Posters without stamps will be removed.

Official Posting Rules

  1. All postings* must be stamped by AUArts SA
    • *Excluding those posters produced by AUArts or AUArts SA which contain official logos
  2. No more than 20 postings of a single event
  3. Use thumbtacks and pushpins instead of tape and staples
  4. Postings will only be approved for 30 days
  5. No Postings will be allowed to be placed on any trash cans, windows, doors, walls, pillars or in stairwells
  6. Remove your posters after designated posting period or when your event is completed

AUArts SA Poster Board Locations

Total (21)

Public Access (9)

Main Mall – Floor 3L (5)

  • Left side of main doors to LRT Hallway
  • Right side of main doors to LRT Hallway (Outside Lecture Theatre)
  • Across from Elevator (above water fountain)
  • Left side of elevators
  • “MNG Poster Board” beside the AUArts SA office (right side)

Cafeteria (1)

  • By food counter

Floor 3U (2)

  • Beside room 371
  • Across the hallway from room 371

Floor 2 (1)

  • Beside Library

Student and Staff Access Only (12)

Floor 3U (1)

  • Top of main stairwell/across from elevators – Large

Floor 1 (3)

  • Right side of elevators
  • Locker area (far wall across from elevators) – Large
  • Beside Woodshop/Across from Bookstore

Floor 4 (4)

  • Across from Elevators
  • Beside Room 407
  • Beside room 451
  • Beside Room 461

Floor 5 (4)

  • Right Side of Elevators
  • Left Side of Elevators
  • Across from Room 558