General Opportunities

403, 2020

Personal Assistant: Art Star Creations

Would you consider extra income while studying? We are looking for a responsible student for the position of a Personal Assistant. Hours of operation are flexible hours and will work around your class schedule. Communication, [...]

403, 2020

Camp Councellor: STEM Camp

Camp Counsellor Position A STEM Camp Counsellor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of campers who attend STEM Camp. Each Camp Counsellor reports to the Camp Director and Education Coordinator. As a Camp Counsellor, you [...]

403, 2020

Camp Director: STEM Camp

Camp Director Position The Camp Director is responsible for the successful operation of their STEM Camp location. Each Camp Director reports directly to the Camp Coordinator and the Management Team at head office which includes [...]

403, 2020

Education Coordinator: STEM Camp

Education Coordinator Position The Education Coordinator is primarily responsible for the successful implementation of the curriculum at their STEM Camp location. Each Education Coordinator reports directly to the Camp Director. The responsibilities of an Education [...]

403, 2020

Scholarship Opportunity: Kathleen & Russell Lane Canadian Art Award

Kathleen & Russell Lane Canadian Art Award is directed towards students working in visual arts (Applied Arts, Drawing, Multimedia (excluding electronic), Photography, Painting, Print Making or Sculpture). The applicant must: Be a Canadian citizen. Be [...]

403, 2020

Beltline Urban Mural Project: BUMP Festival

Beltline Urban Mural Project (BUMP) Request For Qualifications Mural Installation - August 2020 Submission Deadline: Friday, April 3, 2020 6:00 PM MST The Beltline Urban Murals Project (BUMP), presented by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association, is [...]