AUArts SA Bar Service Requests

AUArts SA manages a student-run mobile bar cart for on-campus events. Only AUArts SA is authorized to serve liquor at AUArts events other than those sponsored by administration. We are able to set up bars in the following areas: Main Mall, Cafeteria, IKG, MNG, Room 371 and Boardroom.

To book our bar service read through the ACAD Event and Exhibition Guidelines and fill out the ACAD Event Approval Form below.

For approval, AUArts SA must sign  the bar booking section on the second page of the Event Booking Form prior to it being submitted to the Office of Research and Academic Affairs (ORAA).

Completed forms are to be submitted to the AUArts Knowledge Centre or ORAA (Office of Research and Academic Affairs) in RM522 a minimum of 2 weeks before the event date. For more information email:

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  • Any student, staff or faculty member who is planning an event with a cash bar must submit an event/bar request form to AUArts SA with a minimum 2 weeks (14 business days) lead time from the event. AUArts SA will not accept event forms that do not meet this requirement. Event booking forms can be found in the AUArts SA office or at the bottom of this page.
  • If the event organizers are looking to book a hosted bar, the expected attendance is over 100, they require an extension of the existing license (ie. a space that is not under current licensing), or any other special requests the lead time becomes 3 weeks (21 business days).
  • AUArts SA will submit all event request forms for approval, and will notify the event organizers if their event has not been approved. Every event booked will need to name an organizer who will be on-site for the duration of the event.


  • If the event organizer is booking a host, or ticketed bar applicable fees will be charged and AUArts SA will provide the organizer with the fee schedule.
  • All bar events that do not meet the minimum sales revenue of $50.00 will be charged a service fee of the same amount.
  • If the event is cancelled the event organizer must give at least 3 business days’ prior notice to AUArts SA. If the host does not provide the minimum notice a cancellation fee of $40.00 will be invoiced.


  • Upon approval from AUArts, if an event is over 2 hours in length or has a large number of attendees, additional security arrangements will need to be made with the Manager of Security + Access, which is a minimum of 3 hours call out, with a minimum of half an hour on either side of the event, at a rate of $25+tax/hour/guard, and the organizer will need to supply the student group name or billing code upon booking.
  • If additional cleaning services are required (ie the event is over a weekend or has considerations outside of the regular scope) security will advise what extra cleaning needs will be required. If additional cleaning is needed, it needs to be coordinated with Maintenance ( Any additional furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) needs to be coordinated with maintenance as well, at a minimum 1 week (7 business days) notice.
  • Upon approval, the organizer will also need to book the space through AUArts’ Office of Research and Academic Affairs (email, providing details and the point of contact with the event listing. The organizers will also need to arrange for A/V bookings, if any support is required, at a minimum 1 week (7 business days) notice, but for larger events a minimum 2 weeks (14 business days) via It should be noted that there is an additional cost for AV services outside of regular hours (8am-8pm) and for those outside of the internal community (please see AV services for rates).

AUArts SA is a student-run organization established to support the student body and their initiatives on campus, as such booking priority will be given to events hosted by AUArts SA and our members.