Student Groups

The AUArts SA Student Groups program empowers students to bring their ideas into reality and play an active role on campus by creating an environment they want to be a part of. AUArts SA supports student group initiatives by providing opportunities and resources for groups to fund-raise, operate, and implement activities on campus and in the community.

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2019/20 Student Groups

Blind Spot

The Blind Spot Annual Juried Show aims to promote lens-based work by AUArts students and alumni in a professional exhibition setting. Artists will showcase their work as part of Alberta’s Exposure Photography Festival. An opportunity is presented for professional development and learning enhancement by participating in a juried show. Students and alumni are given a chance to work with high-level curators allowing important relationships to be formed and a sense of community to be established. This group and event enables different departments to collaborate and work together encouraging cross-pollination between the lens-based community and people in other fields that share similar interests.

Group Director: Catherine Deller


The goal of The AUArts SA Buttoneers is to promote creativity and community through the making of pin-back buttons. We wish to explore how private fine arts and design practices can be influenced by the wearable medium, and hope to produce enough to participate not only in Show-and-Sale, but also private fundraising events! The club aims to be open to all AUArts SA members, regardless of stream or major, and hopes to be an enjoyable way of exploring personal creativity.

Group Director: Holly Parrott

Cardboard Car & Horse Club

The Horse Club is dedicated to the creation, nurturing, and exhibition of a community of performance, film and installation artwork. We aim to create two major exhibitions at AUArts, one in the fall semester, and one in the winter. During the fall host a film festival, and during the winter, we will host the (now) traditional Horse Show. For both events, we hope to foster exhibition opportunities for emerging and developing artists, and to facilitate transition into post-graduation artistic practice.

By creating a web of student artists from different programs and disciplines, The Horse Club hopes to encourage collaboration, experimentation, discovery and a renewed sense of community within and around AUArts and Calgary.

Group Director: Caro Gingrich

Ceramic Student Travel Group

Group Director: Katie Romansky

Cloth Club

The aim of the fiber student group is to bring students together who are currently enrolled in fiber courses and any other students who are interested in fiber. This group is opened for any students in AUArts to join and primarily made up of fiber majors. We hope to bring students of similar interests together and create a fun open environment to converse about fiber related projects and interests. The group will organize potlucks, discussions, fundraisers, skill exchanges, field trips, gallery and craft show opportunities. Overall our group goal is to give students the opportunity to participate in more fiber related events during the school year and create a space where students can meet other students with similar interests. We would also like to pay students an artist fee for displaying work in the poly and ester gallery wall both semesters.

Group Director: Dalayce Smith

Community Garden

The AUArts Community Garden is a student-run and supported garden organization for the school. Currently in its fifth year of operation, this Community Garden strives to enrich the shared space with the wonders of nature and build bridges between students and peers alike.

Group Director: Adrian Linsangan

Coven Gallery

Coven Gallery is a student space supporting Queer, Trans, and BIPoC artists through exhibition opportunities and community-based events, aiming to foster meaningful dialogue and action on the respective issues of those communities within AUArts and beyond.

Group Director: Jasmine Piper

Creig Gallery

The Creig Gallery is an exhibition space open to all AUArts students. It is a venue for showcasing two dimensional photographic based work. Through monthly, juried, exhibitions, the Creig Gallery aims to contribute to a stronger sense of community and visual practice across all creative areas represented at AUArts. Also fostering community involvement through public events, including alumni presentation and fun drawing to increase the Creig Gallery’s self-sufficiency!

Group Director: Jayka Herrera

Fridge Gallery

The Fridge Gallery is the AUArts first design-based gallery. Located on the 5th floor bridge beside The Nest, The Fridge Gallery showcases work that is relevant to any of the four major design streams at AUArts: graphic design, advertising, illustration, and character design.The Fridge Gallery also focuses on providing opportunities for students to build their professional development skills. As such, we’ve successfully facilitated a Beakerhead workshop with Beakerhead in Fall 2017. This involved meticulous planning and project management, as well as attending a public speaking class and learning to engage the general public in a workshop setting. In Spring 2017, James Mackenzie, a recent graduate of AUArts, collaborated with Wes Niven, AUArts alumni and designer for Converse Inc., to produce a wall mural that stretched the whole area of the gallery space. The Fridge Gallery strives to recreate the excitement and strong sense of community ignited by these opportunities and we will always have an ear out for suggestions and ideas.

Group Director: Rachel MacKinnon

Galerie Gaulin

We provide professional opportunities and exhibitions for those studying Print Media, enabling them to gain experience composing and organizing a show that features their work in the designated Galerie Gaulin (Room 392) gallery space.

Group Director: Kristal Wallace

Glass Club

We are dedicated to fostering a sense of community within the whole of AUArts. By hosting events such as the annual Mug Night, our club engages all students and faculty in a social setting. By hosting production nights, our club engages the school community with the actual production of glass. Production nights include fall season glass pumpkin production, late fall and early winter season Christmas ball production, and late winter season glass mug production. By hosting these and other, similar, events we strengthen the AUArts sense of community.

Group Director: Kayla Brown

Pidgin Collective

The Pidgin Collective is a student-run group dedicated to the distribution of information and text-based artwork. Through a series of lectures, publications, and community engagement events, The Pidgin Collective strives to facilitate a meaningful discourse on information, language, and art.

Group Director: Yuii Savage


We are a group of VCD students who are organizing this year’s trip to New York City. It will be an educational trip to meet with alumni, visit design studios and advertising agencies. This trip will be incredibly pivotal to each student who goes, as we will make professional connections that could last a lifetime. Additionally, we will be exposed to the overwhelming amount of visual culture that NYC is known for, which will only enhance and enliven our design and illustration work/practices.

Group Director: Kat Lam

Wall Gallery

A student-run gallery open to AUArts students. Gallery open for 2D works only, due to space restrictions. Students of any year can apply for exhibitions, and members of the Wall Gallery will have final say in which exhibitions are displayed in space. Submissions will be done over email.

Group Director: Robyn Mah