Transitioning from an academic environment to a career path can be one of the most daunting and difficult aspects of a student’s journey. AUArts SA’s Career Development program is designed to foster the professional development of students through providing meaningful resources, opportunity and direction to confidently excel as creative professionals.

Career Development Topics

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Job Profiles for the Creative Industries

There are far more job roles offered in the creative industries than you might think–and no doubt some more familiar than others. Explore the broad and amazing range of roles out there and get a [...]

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Employment Support for Mental Health

Is your mental health a barrier preventing you from potential employment? Career Links is a service offered through Prospect that provides employment placement support for individuals experiencing challenges to workforce participation as a result of [...]

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Manage Your Money

Want to learn how to reduce your debt, improve your credit, pay your bills on time and save for your future —even if you are living on a low income? If so, check out the [...]

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Money Basic’s Workshop – From CMHA

Having trouble budgeting your finances? Check out CMHA - Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region’s ‘Money Basics’ workshop to gain tips on how to better manage your money in preparation for the upcoming academic [...]