AUArts Students’ Association supports the growth of an empowered and creative community. Become a leader and represent your fellow students.

AUArts Students’ Association elections take place between February-March of every academic year, with By-Elections taking place in between September-October. Everything you need to run for a position will be available here during nomination periods.

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Campaign Statements

Executive Committee

  • President Candidate: Rickee-Lee Webster

    Hello! Hi! Hey You!!! My name is Rickee-Lee. I am excited to announce I am running for President of the Executive Committee for a second term as I only had the privilege of being in the position for 6 months and would like to continue the momentum. Playing an active role in the ongoing improvements of our University and its many facets is important to me. I see the Presidency as an excellent way to be part of a team that is involved in student’s lives and has a vision for the progress of both the Alberta University of the Arts and its students; past, present and future. I am extremely grateful for the connections I have made thus far and look forward to cultivating even more in the future. I am interested in your journey and how I could be of any assistance along the way. It would be my honour to continue to advocate on behalf of the student body, develop community initiatives and build a strong union between the institution, faculty and students. I look forward to connecting, discussing and working with you. I would be very grateful if you’d vote for me, Rickee-Lee. 

  • Vice-President Academic Affairs Candidate: Kayla Gale

    I’m running for Vice-President Academic because I have been working alongside the current VP Academic in my role as General Faculties Council Representative throughout the year. I would like to maintain consistent student representation on councils and committees that AUArtsSA sits on. I have previously served the AUArtsSA in an executive role for two years, as Vice-President of External Relations, so I am familiar with executive leadership within the SA and am ready to get back in! Having attended AUArts for four years now, I am well aware of what needs improvement, and having been involved in the University’s governance I have a good idea of how to get it done. I would like to work towards improving things like registration and scheduling regarding academics, however I am also really invested in encouraging the institution to promote equity and diversity on campus. There has been a lot of talk about this for a while, and we’re only just seeing motions being made to make this happen. I would like to work with the administration of the institution to make changes that need to happen, stay on their heels about progress, and hold them accountable for mistakes and shortfalls.

  • Vice-President External Relations Candidate: Chloe Collins

    This past year I have advocated on behalf of the students to the provincial government. While working alongside the Alberta Students Executive Council, I have brought student concerns to the right tables. I have also advocated for continued mental health supports on campus as well as the implementation of a standardized transfer credit system across Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions. As a direct result of these advocacy efforts, the Mental Health Grant, which supports our Hear/d Residency, has been guaranteed. This year I will continue to fight for student rights on a provincial scale. I am also committed to advocating against large increases in student tuition. I would be honoured to serve a second term as your Vice-President of External Relations.

  • Vice-President Student Life Candidate: Jamie Russett

    My name is Jamie Russett and I am a drawing major going into my fourth year at AUArts. I have spent the 2019-2020 school year working hard as the Drawing department’s Student Leadership Council representative, a member of the Student Association’s Events Committee, and as a Hear/d Residency mentor. I believe my experience within the association itself, as well as my dedication to supporting peers within the university, make me a great vote as your new Vice-President of Student Life. I would like to take the opportunity of having a louder voice behind the scenes back into my community to further listen to my student body and do what I can to foster community on a larger scale, and I look forward to potentially being a wellness resource that my peers feel comfortable reaching out to on campus. 

Student Leadership Council

  • Ceramics Candidate: Lisa Blackwell

    I am a mature student with many years experience working as part of a team in progressive learning environments. I am effective working independently and as a cooperative team member. As a creative thinker I am constantly looking for solutions and efficiencies. 

    I am friendly and approachable and will work hard serving and advocating for the Ceramics department and all students. 

    Thank you for the opportunity to put myself forward as a candidate for Student Representative for the Ceramics Department. 

  • Glass Representative: Portia Scabar

    I’m Portia Scabar and I am running for the Glass Representative position at AUArtsSA! Throughout my first two years here I have fallen in love with Glass and with the amazing community that it fosters. In my previous years of schooling I have taken on many projects based on bettering the community and developing opportunities for my peers, such as leading a fundraising group based around covering the cost of all graduation tickets within the high school I attended. With this position I would like to continue these endeavours to strengthen the glass community at AUArts as well as help it grow even larger. Spending time in the hotshop and coldshops has opened my eyes to a passionate group of people who I feel need someone just as passionate as them to advocate for their wants and needs. With my interest in glass and building relationships with the people in the program I feel that I will be able to be the voice that the glass program needs. Being someone who is often focused on others I would like to use this position to get to know my peers better and push for what the collective wants. As well I would like to have the opportunity to organize more event nights to highlight the wonders of glass and all of the students in the program which in turn will be a form of self-advertisement for the glass program at AUArts. If you have ideas of how to better the glass program, have event ideas or just want to make a new friend I am here to advocate for you and be a friendly face within the school and the glass department. 

  • Character Design Candidate: Josh Chilton

    Hello, my name is Josh Chilton and I am an artist, designer, and fellow student at our university. In Fall 2020 I will be in my third year and endeavour to be the Character Design Student Representative. I have been asking my fellow students who our representative is during Winter 2020 and very few could answer. I will change this. Design students should know that they have a voice and the person who is representing them. Having strong relationships with the community I represent is critical to understanding people’s needs. I will do my best to understand your needs and communicate our issues so that we can all be better informed, as well as make the best decisions for our continuing education at the Alberta University of the Arts! 

  • Character Design Candidate: Justin Drake

    As the Character Design Representative, my first and foremost priority would be to create an efficient line of dialog between the students and the faculty of the Design department. I want to make sure that the students feel like they are being heard, but I also want to make sure that the teachers’ concerns are heard by students. This is important, as I see both teachers and students confused regarding the others wants and needs. A simple way I see this taking place is through student department discussion panels, which currently exist, but often have low attendance due most likely to poor advertising. Through dialog we can make a great change throughout the school, one of positivity and understanding. 

  • Character Design Candidate: Mary Snow

I have worked hard over the past year as the Character Design Representative, and if re-elected, intend to do so again. I am going into my fourth year, and have taken part in organizing events, connecting students with appropriate resources and being a mediator, and helping to run the Buttoneers club as treasurer. My goal is to help students in need of clarity or direction in regards to problems they may be having in their education and helping them get the resources they need, to bring attention to the needs of Character Design, and Design as a whole, and to connect students throughout the school for better communication and sense of community.

  • Graphic Design Candidate: Harrison Sirois 

    With a majority of our instructors being sessional, not full-time faculty, I am presenting myself as a candidate who can listen and speak loudly for the students of Graphic Design and Advertising. Having a long-standing track record, I’m looking forward to getting fired up on your behalf. 

  • Illustration Candidate: Henry Hays

    Nobody likes bullshit, so if you smell it then come runnin’ to me. I’ve been at this school for four gotdamn years and I’m ready to try my hand at seein’ if I can make this place work a bit better for us, and in turn I’m gonna work a bit harder for all ‘o you. I am an illustrator, a maker of comics, and a part-time coward but that won’t stop me from causin’ a ruckus and raising hell on your behalf. If this position is granted to me, and if you know me or not, I encourage you to talk to me about any concerns you have for this program/school and I will happily engage with you in a passionate, friendly, and polite manner. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to do something that’s worth your vote before the 2020 school year is up. 

  • Illustration Candidate: Maggie Yuan

I am interested in representing and spreading awareness of the exploration, diversity, and creativity that is inherently part of the illustration stream at AUArts. I am a second-year Illustration student who is also looking to expand my knowledge in Graphic Design. Although I am new, my leadership experiences start here; I am hoping to do my best as a leader and representative for my department. One of my goals is to suggest changes to our curriculum because of my experience with the lack of in-depth classes we currently have while another is to voice any concerns that our student body has. I hope that you will consider electing me as your Illustration Representative today and improve our department for tomorrow!

  • Painting Candidate: Jonathan Wolfe

I’m interested in running for the Painting Representative this year as I think I’m the right person for it. I’m great for the spot as I’m familiar with many people already in the department. I’m not afraid to stand up for people, and I’m aware of what’s happening in the department as I often participate in the activities around the painting department and the campus altogether. 

I was the Painting Representative last year and hope to do so again, as I think it’s crucial that the school has someone to represent us. This school has not had a Painting Representative for several years beforehand and I think this is a great disservice. My main initiative is to address issues that people in my department are having, but I also want to help bring more people into the Painting program. I’ve talked to a lot of people in Second Year that are uncertain where they should go and I just want to show them how great the painting side of this school really is. 

Elections Package

Important Dates:

For 2020-21 Term

  • Notice of Elections: February 26 – March 4
  • Nominations Open: March 4
  • Nominations Due: March 11 by 4pm
  • Campaign Regulations Meeting: March 12 (location TBD)
  • Campaign Period: March 11-19
  • Candidates Info Session: TBD
  • Voting Period: March 18-19

Available Positions:

Click Job Title For Job Descriptions

Executive Committee

(May. 2020-April 2021: approx. 20-25 Hrs/Week)
Pay Rate: $2,000-2,400/Month

Student Leadership Council

(Sept. 2020-April 2021: 1-3 Hr Meetings, Every 2 Weeks)
Pay Rate: $50/SLC Meeting

SLC Representative Job Description

School of Craft + Emerging Media

  • Ceramics Representative
  • Fibre Representative
  • Glass Representative
  • Jewelry + Metals Representative
  • Media Arts + Digital Technologies Representative

School of Critical + Creative Studies

  • BFA General Studies Representative
  • First Year Studies Representative
  • International Students Representative
  • MFA Graduate Studies Representative

School of Communications Design

  • Character Design Representative
  • Graphic Design Representative
  • Illustration Representative
  • Photography Representative

School of Visual Arts

  • Drawing Representative
  • Painting Representative
  • Print Media Representative
  • Sculpture Representative

Interested in Running?

How To:

1. Read through + familiarize yourself with the Job Description of your intended position, Election Policies, Election Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest (available on this page)

2. Print, fill in, and get signatures on the Nomination Form.

3. Write a campaign/platform statement (max 300 words)


  • Description of interest in specific position
  • Expertise related to specific position
  • History of leadership experiences
  • Initiatives or goals you would advance

4. Save a copy or Print your Unofficial Transcript from Webservice or Registrars’ Office (not required for first year students).

5. Hand in election documentation (unofficial transcript, signed nomination form, printed copy of campaign statement) and $20 returnable bond to the AUArts SA office.

6. Email copy of campaign statement to Elections Officer at academic.sa@auarts.ca.

7. Attend the campaign regulations meeting in the Students’ Association office

8. Campaign! (all posters need to be stamped for approval by AUArts SA)

Questions? Email academic.sa@auarts.ca

Students’ Association Election News

210, 2018

Campaign Statements for 2018/19 ACADSA By-Election


For more information about the various positions visit www.acadsa.ca/elections. Meet and greet the candidates at the Campaign Forum (aka Candidate Meet & Greet) on Thursday, October 4 (between 1-2PM) in the ACAD Cafeteria.


Hi! My name is Willow Addiscott, I am running to be your first year ACADSA representative. Why should you vote for me? To start, as a fellow new student I can relate to you in many ways such as, I love art, ACAD is a new environment, there’s coffee in my blood, snacks are an essential, and homework… so much homework! But I am here to help you! I have seven years of leadership experience in schools, I spent a lot of time organizing, emceeing, and representing my fellow students. I know how frustrating it is when you want something to change but nobody seems to listen, my job is to make sure your concerns and feedback are heard. Vote for me and I promise you will always have a voice in the ACAD community.
I, Jessie Fraser, am campaigning for the role of Graduate Studies Representative for the 2018/2019 ACADSA Election. As a second-year student currently enrolled in the graduate program, and having also completed my undergrad at ACAD, my knowledge of the facility, it’s policies, culture, and student engagement are something I have experienced first-hand. I want to contribute to this culture more as the institution continues to grow under its newly acquired University status.

I promise to advocate on behalf of my fellow graduate students on issues and policy pertaining to their studies and engagement with the institution. In representing these various voices and needs I will grow the graduate program to international status and increase enrolments in our higher education programs. I will do this by bridging the gap between graduate and undergraduate studies, showcasing the benefits of hierarchal academia and pushing students to explore the possibilities that come from continued education. This branching comes as a benefit to the graduate program as it will increase the resources our students have available to them and create a unified network amongst our student body.

As a Calgary born artist, I hope to represent our facility as well as our city to those students who come to us from abroad. Having a hometown advantage allows me to show them how our institution presents itself within the community and to adapt to perfecting their practice in a foreign environment.

As a fourth-year design student I have come to love this school, through my work, friends, and teachers. I want to provide a voice for the family I have been so fortunate to be a part of. As an individual who has a love for leadership and is captivated by the stories of others I find myself in a position where I can not only do the things I love, but also be an advocate for my fellow students as well. I am a strong leader that strives to empathize inclusion and empathy, but also nurture and encourage others. When placed in difficult or chaotic positions I find myself in the lead and taking action by keeping organized and being a good problem solver. Always staying conscious of keeping a balance between being a good listener, having compassion and understanding, and strength.

I have several experiences of volunteer work throughout my life of leadership roles, whether through the SPCA & The Calgary Zoo, U of C Veterinary Club, The Sledge Hockey association of Calgary, as well as my role as Treasurer for the VCD NYC trip last year. Each role I have experience new people, new experiences, learning to adapt to each situation.

My Goals as the representative of the Graphic Design students would be to start the conversation. To create a strong trusting voice for our students. To create a relationship where the students do not feel intimidated by speaking their mind and have someone they can trust to be the advocate for those conversations. Communication on both ends is key to creating a better relationship, but to communicate there has to be a level of engagement, and this will be my first step to a hopeful fantastic year.

My choice to become the graphic design representative for ACADSA comes from my interest representing my own department and giving them a voice, in order to better connect the various departments of ACAD.

My background in leadership, through both work and my 2 years at ACAD, has helped me learn to problem solve in such a way that all parties voices are heard and a compromise can be found that best suits everyone. While coming into school, I found myself to be a very reserved person, I feel as though my time at ACAD has helped me grow to be a much more outgoing person who isn’t afraid to speak up and confront issues as they arise, in the hopes of bettering situations. In becoming the Graphic Design representative, my goal is to better connect the ACAD community, as well as to provide a more comfortable space to call home.

Greetings, my name is Julian Zwack, I am a fourth year Media Arts student applying for the position of Media Arts Representative.

As a near graduate at of in Media Arts and President of the Media Arts Student Association (MASA) and last years Media Arts representative for ACADSA I would like to resume working within the student association to forward the needs of my department. I am aware that towards the end of the year I was unable to attend several meetings due to conflicts with my schedule and my school workload, though this year as I finalize my studies I have a lighter schedule and have more time to dedicate to SLC meetings.

What I would like to advance this year is the needs of my department by voicing concerns and propositons from our MASA meetings to the SLC table to be addressed and help improve the experience of Media Arts students. I would also like to propose a student led program that would encourage students to work in a common space and exchange their expertise in artistic computer programs (2D, 3D, Audio, etc.) allowing students to intertrade their skills with one-another in order to accelerate the process of learning of new programs / techniques + tools.

Here are some of my relevant experience and qualifications:
Last year 1 was the Gallery Coordinator for the 4th Floor Media Art Gal1eries, where 1 booked student and teacher gallery bookings, repaired the space, established guidelines + contracts and assisted fellow students during installs with the A/V elements of their artwork.
For the last 2 years I’ve worked alongside EM MEDIA Gallery and Production Society aiding in the move to their current space, helping establish the new location and realise their current screening room and video edit suite+ sound booth. There l a\so did digital archiving for Rita Mckeough’s upcoming publication, and collaborated with the Calgary Independent Society of Filmmakers to produce a promo video for Luma Quarterly’s launch of their third Volume.
There I also helped realise the “Output-Input (2017)”, “Spectral Illuminations (2017-2018) “, “The Channelers (2018)” and “Fall/Flow (2018) exhibitions and the annual “Particle and Wave” Media Arts Festival (2018+2019).
I have worked with the Alberta Media Art Alliance Society (AMAAS) for their 2017 bi-annual genera! and their annual “Equinox Vigil” ,(2019’+2018) assisting with visualizations and A/V.
I am currently a board member of the Elephant Artist Relief Fund Society (Multimedia chair position) and a board member of TRUCK contemporary art gallery

Hope to work with you all again, to make our school experience as best as it can be,

Julian Zwack

My name is Ekaterina Vopiyashina, I am a 4th-year Print Media student and I am running for the Print Media representative position.

Though the Print Media department is one of the smallest in ACAD, it is at the same time both challenging and a wonderful place to study. It combines contemporary technologies with rich traditions of printmaking, and it gives us, as students, nearly unlimited possibilities for artistic expression. I am proud to be a part of the Print department and my goal now is to make sure that every Print student is represented and that his or her voice is heard.

I am also committed to working toward facilitating more transparent communication between students, faculty and staff at ACADSA to allow for dialogue and positive outcomes. I will also do my best to give information and support to students who are considering or have recently chosen Print Media as their Major or Minor.

As I go into my senior year I hope to further extend my involvement in the ACAD community by becoming part of Student Leadership Council.

As the representative for the sculpture on the Student Leadership Council, I’ll play an active role in advocating for and improving our department. I’ll be approachable and bring our concerns and suggestions to the SLC, and work to enhance our time at ACAD as sculpture students.


Voting takes place on October 9th + 10th. Polling stations will be located in the Main Mall from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on both days. This is your opportunity to have a say on who represents you for the 2018/19 academic year.

2609, 2018

ACADSA By-Elections Nomination Deadline Extended

NominationDeadlineExtendedHello Students,

The deadline for ACADSA By-Election Nominations has been extended for a few more days for positions that have received no candidate nominations. We have 8 position with no candidates on our Student Leadership Council. Benefits: add valuable experience to your resume/CV, become more involved in the ACAD community, get paid! Are you interested in running? For the by-election nomination package and more details please visit www.acadsa.ca/elections.

ALSO, we are looking for Polling Clerks for our voting stations on October 9 and 10. For more information please visit www.acadsa.ca/2018/09/now-hiring-polling-clerks-acadsa-4/


Position Profile

The Student Leadership Council Representative serves their department area by acting as a voting member of the ACADSA governing Board.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Advocacy
  • Institutional Development
  • Student Voice
  • Governance
  • Campus Engagement

Available Positions:

(8) Student Leadership Council Positions:

(1) Advertising Representative
(1) Ceramics Representative
(1) Drawing Representative
(2) First Year Studies Representative
(1) International Student Representative
(1) Media Arts + Digital Technologies Representative
(1) Print Media Representative

Elections schedule:

Election package/nominations due Oct. 1st  no later than 1:00pm
Campaign Regulations Meeting (Rescheduled) Oct. 1st @ 1:00pm (ACADSA office)
Candidate Forum Oct. 4th, LUNCH TIME in Cafeteria
Voting Days Oct. 9th and 10th
Voting ends + Winners announced Oct. 10th
SLC Mandatory orientation for elected representatives Oct. 13th-15th
Last day to inquire for ballot recount Oct. 17th


How to Run in the By-Election:

  1. Read through + Familiarize yourself with the Job Description of your intended position, Election Policies and Procedures, and Election Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest (available at acadsa.ca/elections)
  2. Print, fill out, secure signatures + hand in election documentation to ACADSA, which includes $20 returnable campaign bond, unofficial transcript (not applicable for first year students), campaign platform statement, and signed election nomination form (available at acadsa.ca/elections or at the ACADSA Office)
  3. Attend the campaign regulations meeting
  4. Campaign!

For the by-election nomination package and more details please visit www.acadsa.ca/elections. If you have any questions please email the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca.

Thank you!

Fiona Couillard
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association

2609, 2018

Now Hiring Polling Clerks: ACADSA



Come Work With Us!

Our campus is always evolving at the Alberta College of Art + Design, and here you’ll find yourself surrounded by the connoisseurs of Calgary’s contemporary culture. At the ACAD Students’ Association you’ll be working with a group of innovative, quirky, passionate, and hard-working creatives committed to providing ACAD’s student body with unique opportunities to enhance their sense of well-being, develop their professional skills, and establish a strong presence in the culture of the institution. Together, we continuously find ways to build on the strengths of our programs, boost our support services, and advocate for an exceptional student experience.

Be on the pulse of Calgary’s creative community and work with Alberta’s up and coming cultural innovators!


The Polling Clerk is responsible for overseeing the voting procedures and counting the ballots during all elections and referenda periods.

Core Objectives…

The Polling Clerk contributes to the organization by fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Complying with elections policies and procedures
    • Attend the campaign regulations meeting
    • Arrive at the polling station a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes before the polls open to receive the ballots
  • Ensuring that all electors are treated impartially and with respect
    • Present ballots to students who are on the official voting list, and strike their name upon presentation of the ballot
    • Ensure no unauthorized person enters the polling station
    • Ensure the ballot boxes are not left unattended
  • Maintaining the secrecy of all ballots
    • Count the ballots as instructed by the Elections Officer
    • Record the number of votes for each candidate, and tabulate the totals
    • Complete a recount of ballots if required
    • Destroy ballots upon the request of the Elections Officer after the election has concluded

The Perks…

  • Temporary casual position on campus
  • Pay rate of $15.00/hour
  • Available shifts:
    • Oct 9 8:30-1pm (2 shifts)
    • Oct 9 1-5:30pm (2 shifts)
    • Oct 10 8:30-1pm (2 shifts)
    • Oct 10 1-6:00pm (2 shifts)

Apply Now!

If we’ve caught your eye and you’d like to apply for this position please send a letter of interest that helps us get to know you better, please also ensure you specify which shifts you’re applying for and why you think you’d be a good fit for our team.

Applications can be sent to:

Fiona Couillard

Director of Advocacy and Representation

at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca

*Subject Line: Polling Clerk Application

Application Deadline is October 5, 2018.

The ACAD Students’ Association is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity. We thank all candidates for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

2109, 2018

Reminder: By-Election Nominations Due September 23


By-Election Nomination Submissions
Due September 23 by 4:00PM

Nomination Package available at www.acadsa.ca/elections

Email your nomination package documentation to advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca by the deadline and bring any printed documents and your $20 returnable bond to the ACADSA Office on Monday, September 24.

More information about elections available at www.acadsa.ca/elections

Questions? Please email the official elections officer Fiona Couillard, ACADSA’s Director of Advocacy & Representation, at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca.

1609, 2018

By-Election Nomination Package Now Available


Interested in Running?

How To Submit Your Nomination:

1. Read through + familiarize yourself with the Job Description of your intended position, Election Policies and Procedures, and Election Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest (available at www.acadsa.ca/elections)

2. Print, fill in, and get signatures on the Nomination Form.

3. Write a campaign/platform statement (max 300 words)


  • Description of interest in specific position
  • Expertise related to specific position
  • History of leadership experiences
  • Initiatives or goals you would advance

4. Print/Save Unofficial Transcript from Webservice or ACAD Registrars Office (not required for first year students).

5. Hand in election documentation (unofficial transcript, signed nomination form, printed copy of campaign statement) and $20 returnable bond to the ACADSA Office by September 23 at 4:00PM .

*You can email in your nomination package documentation to advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca by the deadline (September 23) and hand in your $20 returnable bond on Monday, September 24.

Questions? Email advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca

1009, 2018

Notice of By-Elections

2018-9-10 Notice of Elections Badge 2

Hello ACAD students. Welcome back to all returning students and a warm welcome to all new and first year students!

It’s time for the ACAD Students’ Association (ACADSA) By-Elections. We still have a few positions to fill on our Student Leadership Council (aka SLC).

What do Student Leadership Council Representatives do? They contribute to ACADSA by:

  • Representing the student voice from their department area on arising issues
  • Ensuring that the Association’s affairs are conducted according to the governing documents of the Association
  • Promoting the general welfare of ACAD students in alignment with ACADSA’s mission, vision, and mandate
  • Providing guidance on the direction and strategic growth of the Association

For more information about the position please visit www.acadsa.ca/elections.

Available Positions:

We have 10 open SLC Positions up for election: (1) Advertising Representative, (1) Ceramics Representative, (2) First Year Studies Representatives, (1) Graduate Studies Representative, (1) Graphic Design Representative, (1) Media Arts + Digital Technologies Representative, (1) Drawing Representative, (1) Sculpture Representative, and (1) Print Media Representative.

Elections schedule:

Notice of Elections Sept. 10th
Election package available Sept. 16th
Election package/nominations due Sept. 23th  no later than 4:00pm
Campaign Regulations Meeting Sept. 29th @ 4:00pm (ACADSA office)
Candidate Forum Oct. 4th, LUNCH TIME in Cafeteria
Voting Days Oct. 9th and 10th
Voting ends + Winners announced Oct. 10th
SLC Mandatory orientation Oct. 13th-15th
Last day to inquire for ballot recount Oct. 17th

Watch your ACAD email address for more information in the coming weeks about how you can participate in the ACADSA By-Elections or visit www.acadsa.ca/elections.

If you have any questions please email the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca. Thank you!

Fiona Couillard
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association

Hidden Content

Important Dates:

For 2019/20 Term


Notice of Elections
February 14-26

Call for Elections &
Nomination Package Available

February 27 – March 11

First Nomination Period: Nomination Packages Due
March 6 no later than 4:00pm

Second Nomination Period: Nomination Packages Due
March 11 no later than 2:00pm

Mandatory Campaign Regulations Meeting
March 6 @ 4:00pm (AUArts SA office)

Campaign Forum
March 18 @ 1pm (AUArts Cafeteria)

Voting Days
March 20-21 (8:30AM – 5:30PM)
in Main Mall

Winners Announced
March 22

Last day to inquire for ballot recount
March 27

Mandatory Orientation for Elected Officials

Questions? Email advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca