MTHARU, a contemporary design and manufacturing studio based in Calgary, is seeking a talented Jewelry designer/maker. The candidate can be a full time student with part time working hours. This is a paid position. The following qualifications are required:

  • Must be at least in their 2nd year of study
  • Must have knowledge of different types of metals
  • Expert Soldering skills
  • Intermediate sandcasting skills
  • Intermediate lost wax casting skills
  • Must be able to troubleshoot design solutions in order to create work
  • Must be able to work off hand sketches and provide details on how pieces will be made
  • Knowledge of metal working tools is a must
  • Knowledge of metal patinas is an asset
  • Knowledge of working in multi-materials is an asset

Position is based in inner city Calgary. We are seeking 1 candidate.

Send your application including a portfolio or images of work showing your skills to by December 15, 2019.