We are seeking a bag design for a new product line: an environmentally beneficial concrete mix

This mix will be made with our CO2-embedded fly ash. This concrete mix has significantly reduced carbon footprint as well as improved strength performance compared to tradition mixes. We would like to showcase this bag at our site for the Carbon XPRIZE – an international competition that will be finishing in June 2020. This bag will also be for commercial use. The artist will receive credit for the bag as well as compensation for the work.

These 50 kg bags are 30 inches (0.762 meters) in height, 20 inches (.508 meters) in width and 4 inches (0.104 meters) thick but the design should be replicable and for smaller sizes.

We will be reviewing design options for the bag by December 31st, 2019. Submissions and questions can be emailed to madison@carbonupcycling.com

About Carbon Upcycling Technologies:

Carbon Upcycling Technologies (“CUT”) was formed to use the pollution of today to build the materials of tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. CUT sells advanced solid products derived from greenhouse emissions and cheaply available solids. Since 2014, CUT has scaled its ability to capture CO2 emissions from point sources, such as power plants, by over a million times and has technically validated the performance of its end products in over 10 different industrial markets.

Through its portfolio of CO2-derived solid nanoparticles, CUT has technically validated its solutions for use in the plastics, coatings, epoxy, adhesives, concrete, lithium-ion battery, and pharmaceutical industries. CUT commercialized a corrosion-resistant coating, utilizing its nanoparticles, in 2017, becoming the youngest CO2 utilization company to generate commercial revenue (<2.5 years since inception) and has since been confirmed as one of the top CO2 utilization companies in the world as one of the 10 Carbon X-Prize Finalists. CUT has been named as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label recipient, a funding recipient of Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund, and a winner of the 2019 76West Clean Technology Competition.