The Beltline Urban Murals Project is seeking photographers to capture the creation and production of the new 2019 murals being painted in the Beltline this summer. We’re looking for photos of the works in progress, artists getting messy, finished works, and time-lapse videos of the murals being painted.


The Beltline Urban Murals Project is an initiative by the Beltline Neighbourhoods Association to showcase art, promote tourism and local businesses, improve the public realm and build community spirit in Calgary’s Beltline neighborhoods. BUMP celebrates the diversity, talent and vibrant character of the Beltline through works of art that are thought-provoking, whimsical, awe-inspiring, creative, and powerful.

This year, we’re coordinating the addition of fifteen new murals going up in the Beltline area. Our goal is to pair up each mural artist up with a photographer to create a video of the work being executed and also develop a small collection of high-quality photos that capture the energy and spirit of the project.


  • Available for the duration of your artist’s mural execution this summer for a 1-2 week period (Mostly in August, specifics vary per artist)
  • Passionate about photography, currently studying, working or practicing in photography
  • Confident and experienced working with SLR cameras, tripods, and outdoor photography
  • Experience making time-lapse videos would be an asset


Photographers will be paid a flat fee of $500 for their work


Please send a copy of your portfolio, a short cover letter and your CV to murals@beltlineyyc.ca
Length: Max. four 8.5 x 11 pages
Size: 10 MB max.
File type: PDF