Vacant-Museum-Logo-croppedThe Vacant Museum is a brand new online-only museum dedicated to redefining traditional notions of the gallery experience and cultivating a global community of artists and creatives.

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The Vacant Museum is currently accepting submissions for the following upcoming shows:


If a museum doesn’t need walls, neither does a border. Why? You tell us. Submit your drawings, paintings, photography, and writings which confront and take on the controversies surrounding border walls in today’s world. Submissions must be made at

Submission Deadline: June 20th

Spring Cleaning:

Show us what you need to let go of; dusty bikes, expired foods, outdated newspapers, anxious thoughts, unpleasant memories, and all types of feelings. Whatever it is, capture it in the form of a drawing, painting, photo, poem, or collage and submit it on

Submission Deadline: June 7th, 2019

Full Moon Reflections:

Full Moon Reflections is an ongoing project in which we compile the personal reflections of artists around the world on the night of the full moon each month. For this project we collect submissions of drawings, photography, and writing, which capture an artist’s experience on the night of the full moon every month. All we ask for is an artistic rendering of whatever you happen to be doing or thinking while observing the full moon. We want to know where you were, who you were with, and most importantly, what was on your mind. Take a moment to reflect while you’re at it. Submission Guidelines: All submissions must be made on and must include a digital file attachment of artwork, artist’s statement, and artists information.

Work submitted must capture the artist’s experience at a particular moment during the full moon of the month. For this exhibit we only accept work in the form of drawings, paintings, photographs, and poetry and prose. Work must be submitted as a scan or high quality photograph of the piece. Submission must also include medium, time, date, and location of the reflection.

Submission Deadline: End of the month, every month