Vote Alberta April 16

The Alberta Election has been called for April 16.

It is time to get informed on the issues, candidates, and parties before we vote!

Step 1: Know the parties and their platforms

Every constituency will have multiple candidates from different parties. Each party will have different priorities and plans for the future. Get to know the parties and the candidates to see which ones best reflect your values. An voting uninformed is like walking into a test without studying.

Below are links to the main parties running, be sure to know all the parties running in your riding:

Alberta Party –
Alberta’s NDP –
United Conservative Party (UCP) –
Alberta Liberal Party –

There are more parties running! Get informed about the candidates running in your riding!

Step 2: Know your ridings voting station:

Each constituency will have designated polling stations for voting. On Election Day you can vote at your designated polling station. You can find out which constituency you live in, where your polling station is, who are the registered candidates are, information on Advanced Polls, and more at

If you’re studying away from home within Alberta, you’ll need to vote in the ADVANCED POLL. Please note – you can only vote on voting day in your own riding! Make sure you’re prepared – more info for students living away from home here.

Advanced Polling Station at SAIT

SAITSA has arranged with Elections Alberta to have an advance poll here on the SAIT campus.

 APRIL 9-11   |   SAIT Campus Centre – Trojan’s Boardroom – V206   |   9am-5pm

APRIL 12   |   SAIT Stan Grad Centre – Irene Lewis Atrium – MB/MC   |   9am-5pm

More information about advanced polling available here:


To vote you’ll need to bring one piece of government-issued ID with your photo, your name, and current address (like your driver’s licence) OR two pieces of authorized ID (both must have your name, one must have your current address – like your lease agreement or utility bill). More info on the ID you’ll need here.

Go to your local polling station, tell the people there you would like to vote and they will confirm your name is on the list. If you haven’t registered yet you can do so in person then.

They shall provide a ballot and direct you to the voting area where you can mark your ballot in secret. After you will place your marked ballot into the ballot box. Next, go out and brag about how you voted.


To register follow this link:

If you forget to register before voting days, do not worry. As stated above,  you will need to produce One piece of government issued ID with your photograph and current address at the polling station. If you do not have one of with your photograph and address you can provide two pieces of authorized ID. Both of them must have your full name. One must have your address. More info on the ID you’ll need here.

More Questions?

For more elections information visit


Additional Resources:

AUArts Library Events

  • April 9 – April 16 – Get help finding out more information
    • We’ll have a dedicated computer set up in the Library to help you to find out information about this upcoming election, and our Library team can help you determine who the candidates are in your riding, what you need to bring to the polling stations in order to vote, and where you can vote in advanced polls and on election day.
  • April 9 – April 12 at 1:15pm – Get Your (early) Vote On walk from the Library to SAIT
    • Everyday at 1:15pm someone from the library team will lead anyone interested in early voting on a walking trip from the library to the advanced polling station in the SAIT Trojan Boardroom (across from the Gateway). Anyone participating in the walk will receive a cookie from the library to fortify themselves for the trip.


The Alberta Partners for Arts & Culture: Election Readiness

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