Are you looking to work on your own social connections? Here are tips from the Canadian Mental Health Association to help you build the relationships you need.

>>> Coping with Loneliness

“Loneliness is an experience that means our current close relationships don’t meet our needs. Despite the name, you don’t always have to be alone to feel lonely. Loneliness can come up whenever we feel alone, unwanted, or isolated. Loneliness can come up when:

  • We’re around a lot of people but feel like we don’t quite fit in
  • We’re around a lot of people but don’t receive the support or connection we’re looking for
  • We lose an important person in our life, like a partner, family member, or close friend
  • We’re alone and want to be with others

Some kind of social support is important to well-being. There is no right or wrong social network—people feel satisfied with different types of social circles, friends, and relationships. What matters is how you feel. If you feel supported and understood, your relationships are likely in good shape. If you feel lonely, you may be missing important pieces in your relationships.

If you do feel lonely from a lack of friends, you aren’t alone. Around 1 in 4 Canadians say they aren’t satisfied with the number of friends they have.”

Read more at https://cmha.ca/documents/coping-with-lonliness