SkippingStoneFoundationFinding appropriate support while navigating one’s sexuality and identity can be extremely overwhelming, however, Skipping Stone Foundation is an amazing organization which exists to support and empower trans and gender diverse youth and their families in the province of Alberta.

“System and Service Navigation” is a service in which clients are able to be guided through the complex system that trans individuals must work though and help clients work around barriers that might exist to ensure timely services and support. It is through the extensive network of connections and resources that Skipping Stone has developed across the province that position us uniquely to provide this essential service to clients. They offer comprehensive system navigation for individuals of ALL AGES across the province.

This might including help navigating:

  • The Health Care System: looking for a trans-affirming GP, access to HRT or surgical referrals, among others;
  • Registrar and Vital Statistics: looking for help with name, gender marker and other ID changes;
  • Human Rights Matters: be it in a workplace, public or personal setting;
  • and many other areas…

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