2019-2020 Elections Banner - Nom Deadline CopyREMINDER: It’s time for the AUArts Students’ Association (AUArts SA) Annual Election, our first as a university, and we have plenty of positions to fill for the 2019-2020 school year! As a member of the Executive Committee (EC) or Student Leadership Council (SLC), you will be provided many exciting opportunities that will drive your professional growth and experience here at AUArts, become more involved in the AUArts community, and get paid!

Election package/nominations are due March 6 no later than 4:00pm

Interested in Running? For more information visit www.auarts-sa.ca/elections

A bit more about each position:

Executive Committee

The President is the recognizable leader and representative of the Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association (AUArts SA). The President acts as the liaison between the student body and the Executive Committee and works closely with the Executive Director to ensure the Association is working towards accomplishing the goals and objectives as set out in the strategic plan. Key Areas of Focus: Governance, Administration, Management, Finance, Human Resources

The Vice-President Academic Affairs serves as the official advocate for student concerns in all areas of institutional academic affairs. Key Areas of Focus: Advocacy, Student Voice, Institutional Development, Governance, Campus Engagement

The Vice-President External Relations serves as a representative of the Executive Committee and promotes the mandate and objectives of the organization to the external community. Key Areas of Focus: Networking, Advocacy, Strategic Partnerships, Fundraising

The Vice-President Student Life develops the culture of the AUArts community by advocating for quality student experience and encourages student engagement with campus programming initiatives. Key Areas of Focus: Communications, Internal Relationships, Student Experience, Event Planning

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council Representatives serve their department area by acting as voting members of the AUArts Students’ Association governing Board. Key Areas of Focus: Advocacy, Institutional Development, Student Voice, Governance, Campus Engagement

More information about the nomination process and requirements, elections policies, representative position descriptions and terms of reference can be found on our website by visiting www.auarts-sa.ca/elections.

If you have any questions please email the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca. Thank you!

Fiona Couillard
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association