Hey AUArts SA members,

Here are your candidates for the 2019/2020 AUArts SA Elections. If you would like more information on these candidates, you can look at their platform statements below and you can meet them at the Campaign Forum (aka Candidate Meet & Greet) on Monday, March 18th (1-2 PM) in the cafeteria.

Voting takes place on March 20th + 21st. Polling stations will be located in the Main Mall from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on both days. This is your opportunity to have a say on who represents you for the 2019/20 academic year. For more information visit www.acadsa.ca/elections.

As there’s only ONE candidate running for each position, come March 20-21, you’ll have the option to vote “Yes” or “No” in regards to their position. What does that mean? “Yes” = Yes, I WANT this candidate to represent me. “No” = No, I DO NOT WANT this candidate to represent me.

Remaining available positions will be eligible for candidates in the 2019/20 by-election which takes place in September 2019.

If you have any questions please email the official elections officer at advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca.

2019-2020 Elections Instagram - Campaign Forum

For more information about the various positions visit www.acadsa.ca/elections. Meet and greet the candidates at the Campaign Forum (aka Candidate Meet & Greet) on Monday, March 18 (between 1-2PM) in the AUArts Cafeteria.


Executive Committee

Hello Alberta University of the Arts. My name is Chloe Collins and I am running for the position of Vice-President of External Relations. I am a 3rd year ceramics major, making mostly sculptural forms with vibrant identities. I would like the opportunity to represent you all and, the image that AUA presents to the public. Having tried pretty much every department in the school, I have a well rounded understanding of the different aspects, which make AUA the unique community that it is. Though I haven’t been involved in AUA’s formal governing body, I am very involved on campus. I regularly attend Tea time talks in the ceramics lab, engage with fellow artists about their work at student openings, and I’m always around the ceramics department aiding other students in growing their skills. My primary motivation for applying to this position is that, I want to strengthen AUA’s relationship with Calgary’s art community. By doing so, students will have more external opportunities to connect with established artists, curators and other individuals who could help further their careers after graduating. Fundraising is a crucial aspect which helps the committee survive and thrive and, in turn the student body. I understand the importance of being personable and professional while fundraising and networking within the broader community. I currently hold a contract position for Studio C which gives me access and exposure to people who work and grow the art community in Calgary. I also am a part of the artist network at Workshop Studios. Being connected to both of these branches of Calgary’s art scene enables me to uphold strategic partnerships which, will benefit the Executive Committee and therefore, the students.
This is a transitional period for the Student’s Association, both in terms of changes that have been made in recent years and with the institution’s new status as a university. Along with these changes, there’s a need within the student body for a better understanding of what the Student’s Association does for them when working with AUArts. As Vice-President of Academic Affairs, I’m hopeful that I can help the student body to understand these regulations and policies.

One would be a better understanding of the Academic Accommodations process. What does an accommodation provide for you, how do they work, how can you get one? Speaking from experience, the process was difficult and not immediately understandable. While there might be issues within the policies and requirements themselves, what stands out to me is the lack of knowledge surrounding accommodations within the student body. The need here first is to create a better understanding and transparency surrounding this process.

There are certain bureaucratic tendencies within the association which could be streamlined as well. In the past year, there have been issues with funding for student groups, largely connected to a greater difficulty to get funding and a lack of transparency. I’ve heard complaints about difficulty in renting out the bar for student functions as well. Some of these requirements in place are necessary, but some aren’t. Streamlining these processes, and creating an understanding for why certain policies are in place, would benefit the student body and help in creating a greater sense of community.

I have a strong belief in the importance of unions, and the strength within a union when advocating for a larger cause. With this idea of advocacy in mind, it’s important for the Student’s Association to make policies and guidelines clear and transparent, so that when help is needed, students know where to go and what we can do for them.

As I head into my Fifth year at AUArts, I have realized how valuable the Student Association, as well as a sense of community has been in allowing me to reach my full potential in my courses and even in opportunities outside of AUArts. Through my experiences directing a student group, participating and mentoring in the health and wellness Hear/d residency, and even working at the student events bar, the support I have received from the AUArts Student Association throughout my academic career has been significant. Although my experience at AUArts has been positive overall, I recognize that there are disparities in experiences amongst students, if given the opportunity I would like to create open and inviting spaces for constructive criticism and suggestions about how myself and the Student Association can improve the overall experiences of AUArts students. If placed in this position I will not be afraid to speak about complicated issues and I intend to be an unbiased voice for the students of AUArts. My experience mentoring for the Hear/d Residency, working as the communications intern for TRUCK Contemporary Art and coordinating several events at AUArts, have made me confident in my abilities to fulfill the responsibilities of Vice President of Student Life at AUArts.

Student Leadership Council

School of Craft + Emerging Media

My name is Bana Khalesi I’m a third your student in ceramic major at Alberta University of Art. I am interested to become a representative of my major in ceramic. From my first day at School, when we were still hold the title of college, I knew that I want to continue my career in ceramic.

I’ve been able to Develop some ideas with in ceramic and I had a chance to participate in NCECA conversation and represent our department and our school in Pittsburgh as well as had chance to meet a lot of people with the same passion for education and art.

As a Student Ambassador, I had chance to be our University representative in here as well as in a High school and that was an amazing experience.

As a person who studied in 3 college and universities, I am able to recognize and highlights the capacities and benefits that our school has and they are all unique and remarkable.

My goal is to be an active member of my own community and express my passion for my major and my school in new creative way.

I am really visual and a complete right brainer who can inspire the other visual artist and non artist like left brainers to pay attention to our world and introduces the possibilities in teamwork’s and importance of Art and creativity in our life.

Thank you


I’m vying for the jewellery rep position because I’m engaged with what’s going on in the school, and I’d like to make sure that the jewellery department stays active and has a clear channel of communication with AUArts SA.

I think I can represent the department, and I’d like to put in work to revitalize the jewellery + metals student group.

Hi There,

As I move into my 4th year at AUarts, I have begun to realize the importance of community and facilitating that. As a MADT major and print minor, I have experienced that some of the smaller departments are less involved in the larger community. Currently working in the Media Arts Student Association as the 3rd year representative, it has provided me with the experience that would be necessary for this role. My skills include strong communication, critical decision making, and creative problem-solving. Conducting workshops and organizing events is something I have had extensive practice in and outside of AUarts. I would like to listen to what smaller departments have to offer to the AUarts community and find solutions to best implement them. My goal is to increase engagement between departments, as well as help promote the needs and wants of departments like Media Arts.


Nicholas Gunhouse

School of Critical + Creative Studies

I, Matthew O’Reilly, am campaigning for the role of Graduate Studies Representative for the 2019/2020 ACADSA Election. As a first-year student currently enrolled in the graduate program, and having also having thorough background in education, my knowledge of the facility, it’s policies, culture, and student engagement are something I have experienced first-hand. I want to contribute to this culture more as the institution continues to grow under its newly acquired University status.

I promise to advocate on behalf of my fellow graduate students on issues and policy pertaining to their studies and engagement with the institution. In representing these various voices and needs I will grow the graduate program to international status and increase enrolments in our higher education programs. I will do this by bridging the gap between graduate and undergraduate studies, showcasing the benefits of academia and pushing students to explore the possibilities that come from continued education. This branching comes as a benefit to the graduate program as it will increase the resources our students have available to them and create a unified network amongst our student body.

Being from Ontario, I hope to bring different insights to our facility and be a touchstone for students studying abroad.

School of Communications Design

Howdy gang!

I’m running for the VCD Character Design Representative position. I’m a second year character design student going into my third year next term, and I am passionate about advocating for the design department and students. I am currently training to take over as treasurer for the AUArts SA Buttoneers, which is a club geared at de-stressing and mingling between the departments and years. My goal, if elected, is to encourage more communication with the rest of the university. I think that as creators, we should work together in order to benefit everyone. That being said, I believe that students should have more flexibility in their chosen paths, and I intend to advocate for students to have more freedom in course selection. Thank you for your consideration!

Learning to find a place that you feel like you belong in at AUArts – and to explore outside that place – has been extremely valuable in my personal post-secondary experience, and I believe that anyone who attends this school deserves to be able to find that place, not only in their major, but in the entire community of AUArts.

In the last year my main goal has been not only learning to find that place of belonging in my own major of Graphic Design, but to also grow into to other opportunities outside of my initial major that I had been too afraid of in the past (i.e. minoring in Illustration, participating in the HEAR/D Residency, running the Pop-Up Thrift Shop fundraiser, and being a student volunteer for the VCD Second-Year Orientation). Growing into these other opportunities has allowed me to hear points of view that I wouldn’t have had the chance to consider in the past, and has made me be able to see the bigger picture of AUArts. Through this, I feel as if I can now be someone who can help grow the connection between VCD and the rest of the school and advocate for the things that are most important for Graphic Design students.

I know how isolated it can get up on the 5th floor, and my main initiative is to open up dialogue between the VCD program and the rest of the school. Sometimes the boundaries between majors can feel too large that VCD students may not know where to even begin to ask questions or how to include themselves, and I want to be someone who can help to make Graphic Design majors feel like they are just as big of a part of AUArts as any major in this school is.

School of Visual Arts

Hello! My name is Yilu Xing. I am going to my 4th year as a print major. I am running for the Print Media representative position.

Printmaking can be both challenging and rewarding. I have found that whenever I have printing problems, I’ve always been helped by faculty and students around me. People in the department are very supportive. I would love to foster this positive learning environment for others. I will do my best at assisting students by being the voice for our majors and minors, gathering and contributing ideas for our community, taking these concerns to the student association so they can advocate for us, and hopefully make Print Media Department a more intriguing place to study in.

Other Representatives

Having attended AUArts administrative meetings in the past, such as academic council and acting as student representative on the AUArts Board of Governors, (as well as being informed about what’s going on in terms of the bureaucracy of the school), I have relevant experience that would serve well for the GFC student representative. I care about the welfare of this school, and where it’s going academically, and I feel a responsibility to make sure the student voice is captured where these decisions are being made.
As a MFA (Master of Fine Art) student enrolled in a post-secondary institution, I come with a full time four year BFA which allows me to know what actually undergrad students are experiencing in the college life. It is essential to have a direct tunnel for students to receive all the decisions and strategies made by schools and governments. Those decisions might not show its effects on students obviously at the beginning, but from a long term perspective, students have the right and need to gain these info as soon as possible. Any little change may play an important role in their future careers.

Right now as part of GSSC (Graduate Studies Standing Committees) and President Student Advisory Council, I am blessed to receive those related firsthand information even some of them won’t be put into action right now but still, there’s nothing wrong to prepare for the future.

If I get the position of Board of Governors (BOG) Student Representative, I will push the connections between grad studies and undergrad studies. Helping undergrads gaining a overview of their future career. Also I will work on updating all kinds of info instantly which offer a huge info stage to the students.

2019-2020 Elections Banner - Vote Copy

Voting takes place on March 20th + 21st. Polling stations will be located in the Main Mall from 8:30AM – 5:30PM on both days. This is your opportunity to have a say on who represents you for the 2019/20 academic year.