A big part in preventing sexual violence is to teach and practice healthy relationships, knowing how to set boundaries and challenging what we see in the media. For more info on how to rethink prevention, check out Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse.

>>>Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse: Rethinking Prevention (www.calgarycasa.com/resources/rethinking-prevention/)

“Talking about our sexual needs and desires can be frightening and uncomfortable, even within a loving and trusting relationship. Lots of people grew up learning that talking about sex is dirty or impolite, or may make them appear to be promiscuous. They may fear that their partner’s feelings will be hurt or be challenged about what they are expressing. It takes time and practice to develop clear ways of stating your sexual needs and wants in a relationship. It is however, an important part of developing healthy ways of being in a sexual relationship, avoiding miscommunication, hurt feelings and assumptions.”