We officially attend the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts)! Along with the change, ACADSA has a new name as well, chosen by the Provincial Government. We are now the Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association (AUArts SA).

Our mission is still the same: “The Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association (AUArts SA) is a visible and vocal student-run organization that represents a creative community of students. We promote health & well-being, provide professional growth opportunities and champion students’ interests.”

Our usernames across social media have changed to @auarts.sa for Facebook and Instagram and @auarts_sa for twitter. We are in the process of moving our website over to www.auarts-sa.ca. After careful consideration, we have decided to use just our logo leaf and an interim wordmark while we evaluate our brand and logo with the student body to ensure it is in sync with who we are and where we are going. We know that designing and changing a logo is a process that involves many steps, many people and takes some time, so it will be a gradual change-over. We will be involving the student body to finalize our a new logo for the new academic year (2019/2020).

If you would like to be more involved with this process, please reach out to your SLC representatives (www.acadsa.ca/about/leadership-council/) to find out about their meetings.


Simone Saunders
Director of Leadership and Governance
Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association

2019-01-02 AUArts Facebook Cover Image