heardfall2018catalogueHave you heard of the Hear/d program? The ACADSA Hear/d Residency has its own central theme of resilience, relating to the journey of mental health issues currently experienced by many post-secondary students. Drawing on this theme, the Hear/d Residency program invites participants to explore concerns that are affecting post-secondary students in a creative and innovative way.

Our latest exhibition catalogue is now available! Take a look at it, and our past catalogues at www.acadsa.ca/heard-catalogue

The Hear/d Residency asks students to collaborate on the research, development, creation and curation of an exhibition that allows our community to safely explore these themes while offering hands-on experiences that directly relate to the fields of art + design. Through group discussions, reflection, individual studio time, critiques, and workshops this residency will provide a platform for a diversity of creative activity that aims to raise awareness of the issues that are affecting the health and well-being of post-secondary students, while also connecting members from different disciplines in the college. Artists working across all mediums who share a deep interest in these issues are invited to gather, brainstorm and create.

#mentalhealth #breakthestigma