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Hi everyone,

We are approaching another midterm, or maybe your first midterm here at ACAD. I hope you are all finding your classes to be inspirational, informative, and fun.

My name is Fiona, I am the Director of Advocacy and Representation at ACADSA. I wanted to reach out to you at this time to share a little information about midterms. Midterms are an opportunity for you to consider your ACAD career and advocate for yourself. It is also the time and an opportunity for you to work WITH your instructors to help you get the most out of each class.

By midterms you will receive, from your instructor, a written reflection of your midterm grade. If this grade is not what you were expecting or you disagree with this grade, now is the time to discuss your grade and the class with your instructor. Often times, instructors have a system for midterm grades. For example, some instructors don’t believe in giving A’s at midterm. Some instructors believe this will encourage continued hard work or inspiration for the remainder of the term. Regardless of their reasoning, you need to know where you stand. If the grade is not what you were hoping for, you also need to know specifically why, and what you can and should achieve, in order to improve your grade. Expectations should be made very clear for both you and your instructor. If you are left with concerns of meeting the instructors expectations, you can arrange a future date to review. Be sure this future date leaves you with enough time for further work. Once you have completed this process, you must then be willing to DO THE WORK!

Mid term grade deadline – November 2nd. Last day to withdraw without a grade penalty November 8th. For more information see ACAD’s Polices and Procedures: https://www.acad.ca/about-acad/governance/policies-and-procedures

Trust that your instructor will be happy for you to take this initiative. They want you to succeed! It means you have both succeeded.

I hope this information is helpful and reduces the stress of waiting for grades. There shouldn’t be any big surprises. I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage students to use Spring classes as a tool to lighten their academic load during the Fall and Winter semesters, to assist with life balance and to spend more time in the studios.

If you are experiencing overwhelming stress, or academic difficulties, there are resources to help you!

Meet with an Academic Advisor to chat about options – registrar@acad.ca

SUCCESS STRATEGIES Wednesdays 1-2PM Main Mall

DROP-IN ACADEMIC ADVISING Tuesdays 1-3PM Lodgepole Centre

DROP-IN ACADEMIC ADVISING Weekdays 1-3PM Registrar’s Office

EXCHANGE & TRAVEL STUDY INFORMATION Wed, October 24, 1-3PM Lecture Theatre


For academic support: https://www.acad.ca/current-students/get-support/academic-support

For Counselling: https://www.acad.ca/current-students/get-support/counselling-services

ACADSA Health + Dental Plan members have access to Empower Me, a mental health and wellness service that offers confidential and accessible support in multiple languages. Call 1 844 741-6389 to connect with trained counsellors, consultants, and life coaches 24/7, 365 days/year for a variety of issues. There is also an app available! For more information: http://studentcare.ca/rte/en/AlbertaCollegeofArtDesignACADSA_EmpowerMe_EmpowerMe

Please get in touch with us: you can find information about ACADSA, our staff and committee members at www.acadsa.ca/about. Get to know our team! Say hello to us in the halls and we will do the same. Stay up to date on what is happening at the Students’ Association, check out News and Events on our website (www.acadsa.ca) and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @ACADSA.

Fiona Couillard
Director of Advocacy & Representation
Alberta College of Art + Design Students’ Association