2018 Jury Call Image - Question

Be the change you want to see around campus. Be an advocate for the activity taking place in the Marion Nicoll Gallery, in ACADSA’s Student Groups, and in the Hear/d Residency program. Put the experience on your CV and make your voice heard in your community! Open to current students, all majors in any year, as well as recent ACAD graduates within the last three years.

What Do ACADSA Jury Members Do?

The Marion Nicoll Gallery (MNG) Jury members exercises critical discourse and critique to determine the exhibitions presented in the MNG spaces for the upcoming semester. Questions? Email mng.acadsa@acad.ca

ACADSA Student Groups Jury members come together with diverse individuals to review and vote regarding group funding allocations. Questions? Email groups.acadsa@acad.ca

The Hear/d Residency Program Jury members review Hear/d Residency submissions while contributing to a culture of support and mental health de-stigmatization in the ACAD community. Questions? Email wellness.acadsa@acad.ca


See application form for application and position requirements

Apply ASAP! Deadline: October 1, 2018

Thank you!