Interested in Running?

How To Submit Your Nomination:

1. Read through + familiarize yourself with the Job Description of your intended position, Election Policies and Procedures, and Election Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest (available at www.acadsa.ca/elections)

2. Print, fill in, and get signatures on the Nomination Form.

3. Write a campaign/platform statement (max 300 words)


  • Description of interest in specific position
  • Expertise related to specific position
  • History of leadership experiences
  • Initiatives or goals you would advance

4. Print/Save Unofficial Transcript from Webservice or ACAD Registrars Office (not required for first year students).

5. Hand in election documentation (unofficial transcript, signed nomination form, printed copy of campaign statement) and $20 returnable bond to the ACADSA Office by September 23 at 4:00PM .

*You can email in your nomination package documentation to advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca by the deadline (September 23) and hand in your $20 returnable bond on Monday, September 24.

Questions? Email advocacy.acadsa@acad.ca