The Fridge Gallery is the Alberta College of Art and Design’s first design-based gallery. Located on the 5th floor bridge beside The Nest, The Fridge Gallery showcases work that is relevant to any of the four major design streams at ACAD: graphic design, advertising, illustration, and character design.The Fridge Gallery also focuses on providing opportunities for students to build their professional development skills. As such, we’ve successfully facilitated a Beakerhead workshop with Beakerhead in Fall 2017. This involved meticulous planning and project management, as well as attending a public speaking class and learning to engage the general public in a workshop setting. In Spring 2017, James Mackenzie, a recent graduate of ACAD, collaborated with Wes Niven, ACAD alumni and designer for Converse Inc., to produce a wall mural that stretched the whole area of the gallery space. The Fridge Gallery strives to recreate the excitement and strong sense of community ignited by these opportunities and we will always have an ear out for suggestions and ideas.

General Director

Name: Reeny Hua
Email: hello@ree-nee.com / acad.fridge.gallery@gmail.com

How to Join

If you are interested in being a volunteer or a team-member or if you just have an idea you’d like to share, send us an e-mail with your inquiries and we will get in touch! acad.fridge.gallery@gmail.com