I am a young emerging artist interested in creating pieces that emotionally impacts or engages my viewers. Driven by intuition, all my artistic choices and worldly decisions are based on experience and feeling. Although my body of work are typically paintings, my desire to learn how to further my abilities in producing art that provokes thought is growing as I acquire knowledge in my practice. Utilizing colour or monochromatic shades in the creative process is very important to me because of its ability to grab the attention as well as entertain my viewers. Inspired by photographic references, I begin my work with a theme and basic layout in mind and allow my creativity to take control, finishing the piece with the medium I choose. I am very interested in an ink artist named Loui Jover, particularly in his minimal use of the medium and how he is able to produce such beautiful yet detailed portraits. Exploring a variety of work such as Jover’s, I enjoy taking small elements of the art and pushing them further to create my personalized technique.