My artistic practice centres on light and glass. I am interested in reflected light, transmitted light, refracted light, and shadows. The glass may be clear or any of a wide palette of colours however I particularly enjoy working with subtle combinations of rich blues and violets. I employ various glassworking techniques, including glassblowing, engraving, elements of coldworked and kiln-formed glass, and other glass and sculptural media. I produce a range of forms from the fully functional such as lamps, vases, and bowls, to the whimsical such as paperweights and sculptural forms.

It is a search for beauty that drives me. Following the northern European romantic artists’ tradition, I do not operate on a narrow definition of beauty. Beauty can be found in that which is harmonious, serene, and soothing, but it can also be found in the dynamic, the jarring, the discordant. I draw inspiration from the sublime skies of the Canadian prairies and mountains. Narrative informs my work, often inspired by the powerful messages of 1960’s pop art, the sometimes jarring images of a turbulent era, and the popular imagery of western art. I employ this beautiful imagery in my art, embracing the immediacy of the glass medium as forms distort, light bends and reflects, and colours flow together and react in delightful ways.