Rael Lockwood is an impassioned young textile artist and designer with a diverse and robust skill set. Her free-flowing and organic designs are undoubtedly inspired by traditional Japanese textiles, but with undertones denoting her western design based upbringing in fashion and costuming. She employs many traditional techniques and contemporary applications of these techniques in her work believing that process is as much a part of design as anything else. Rael prefers to almost watch her work develop by her hand, becoming a combination of what both it, and she, wants it to be.

“It is my belief that the craftsmanship and labour utilized in the creation of an object lends it both existence and purpose. A textile or a garment can have life to it, given the right care during creation from its maker. The imperfections and subtle variations that occur naturally within a handmade item are the evidence of this care. Awareness of time, quality, and simplicity give beauty and a sense of reverence to a piece of cloth. I see craft as a means to create an object. An object truly beautiful in its own right, and not as a means to an intangible ideal. An object, made with precision and care, can achieve its own intrinsic value, free of the rhetoric that accompanies many other forms of artistic expression.”